JMServices has reduced the amount of commications between our office and workers, our staff can now see updates on the go without any issues and we've completely scraped paper job sheets.”

Jaimie Dunn, Director at Maltings Locksmiths Ltd

About us

On a mission to eliminate the traditional trades process

JMServices was started on the idea of simplifying the process of jobs management, it all started when i was trying to create a system that could manage works orders for staff for the family company. This system turned into a bigger idea, as I started development of the system i began to branch out and start working on the idea.

Every year we spent hundreds of pounds sourcing paper and ink to print our manual job sheets for each staff member, this process costed us time and money that our system has quickly eliminated. Every decision we make is focused on the privacy of our users and the sustainability of our planet.

Since our launch we have helped companies save thousands in paper and ink, and eliminating the costly process of printing out individual job sheets for each staff member. After many trials, companies have seen a significant increase in the productivity of their workers, due to the speed of updating jobs and alerting other staff that jobs have been seen to, reducing unnecessary communications.

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